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Welcome To Prime Physical Therapy

“I truly believe, that if a patient can understand their diagnosis, why they are performing a particular exercise and how it is beneficial to them, then they will be more motived to follow through with their home exercise program, which will further improve their outcomes”

-Dr. Kayla Roth, PT, DPT, Cert DN, CKTP 
Kayla Roth, Prime Physical Therapy, Dr. Kayla Roth, PT, DPT, Cert DN, CKTP
At Prime Physical Therapy, we utilize the most current treatment methods and procedures
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We apply evidence-based research to aid in formulating an individualized treatment plan to address your pain symptoms, impairments and limitations in order to return you back to your prior level of functioning.


We strongly belief in the importance of educating the patient in all aspects of rehabilitation. To us, it is very important that patients understand their diagnosis and prognosis and what they need to do to achieve successful outcomes.

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Educating the patient on which exercises to perform, how and why a specific exercise or treatment will affect their symptoms, helps keep patients on track with their home exercise program, which is key to overall improvement and long-term success.


Dr. Roth enjoys talking her patients through the healing process of their body, the human anatomy and how the body works in order to help her patients understand their symptoms.  She also believes in the importance of educating on the expectations of physical therapy and managing those expectations so that each patient is aware of what their rehabilitation process will entail.    

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