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Runner Performance Assessment and Injury Prevention

Runner Performance Assessment and Injury Prevention


Unlock Your Full Running Potential with our Runner Performance Assessment and Injury Prevention Program


Dr. Roth is specially trained to perform comprehensive evaluations of your running gait and biomechanics, utilizing high-definition video gait analysis.  This allows Dr. Roth to identify specific gait abnormalities and functional impairments that may contribute to your current injury, pain symptoms or other issue, that may be impacting your ability to run in the most efficient and functional way possible.


Following an evaluation that informs specific running gait impairments, an individualized treatment plan will be created incorporating your specific goals for running. Additionally, you will receive extensive education and instruction for an in-home exercise program as well as strategies to utilize in order to alleviate the potential for re-injury in the future.


If you’re suffering from a running-related injury, have pain during or after running, or are simply interested in having your running form analyzed, please contact our office at 571-261-9234.


This service is covered by most insurances.  Please contact our office to inquire about insurance coverage and pricing.


Our Comprehensive Program Includes:


  • Biomechanical Analysis: We assess your running gait, posture, and mechanics to identify areas of improvement and reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Performance Enhancement: Tailored training plans to boost your speed, endurance, and overall performance.
  • Injury Prevention: Specialized exercises and techniques to strengthen muscles and joints, reducing the likelihood of common running-related injuries.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Education and guidance to help you understand and meet your body’s nutritional needs for optimal performance and recovery.
  • Footwear Assessment: Ensure you have the right shoes for your running style and foot anatomy.
  • Rehabilitation: If you’re recovering from an injury, we offer rehabilitation programs specifically designed for runners, helping you return to the track stronger than ever.
  • Mental Conditioning: Strategies to enhance your focus, motivation, and resilience during training and races.


Our goal is to help you become a stronger, faster, and injury-free runner. Whether you’re training for a race, looking to improve your personal records, or simply want to enjoy your runs pain-free, our program is designed to meet your unique needs.


Don’t let injuries hold you back from achieving your running goals. Contact us today to schedule your Runner Performance Assessment and Injury Prevention consultation and take the first step toward becoming a better, healthier runner.



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