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Pre and Post-Surgical

Pre and Post-Surgical


Comprehensive Pre and Post-Surgical Care for Optimal Recovery


Pre-surgical physical therapy plays an important role in the overall rehabilitation process.  Patients that are able to improve their range of motion, strength and functional mobility prior to surgery generally experience a faster recovery process and see more expediated results post-surgical.


Additionally, pre-surgical education is an extremely important component to improve a patient’s rehabilitation experience, to include:  expectations throughout all phases of recovery, how to manage their condition, activity modifications that may be needed, and education on resources available.


Physical therapy plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process.  In the initial phase following surgery, we will work to decrease pain and inflammation and to maintain or increase range of motion depending on your surgeon’s protocol.  As the phases progress, we continue to improve range of motion, increase strength and improve your functional mobility.  In the final phases of post-surgical physical therapy, the focus transitions to returning the patient to full strength, range of motion and functioning.


Our Expertise Covers a Variety of Surgeries, Including:


  1. Joint Replacements: Whether you’re scheduled for a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement, our pre and post-surgical care is tailored to your needs. We focus on enhancing joint function and mobility.
  2. Spinal Fusions: We offer specialized support for patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery, promoting spinal stability and pain relief.
  3. Laminectomies: Our pre and post-surgical care is designed to alleviate the symptoms of spinal stenosis and other conditions requiring laminectomy surgery.
  4. Arthroscopic Surgeries: From shoulder arthroscopy to knee arthroscopy, we provide comprehensive care for minimally invasive procedures, optimizing recovery.
  5. Ligament and Tendon Repairs: Whether it’s an ACL repair or Achilles tendon surgery, we focus on restoring strength and function.
  6. Joint Decompression: Our treatments are tailored to patients undergoing joint decompression procedures, such as shoulder or hip decompression surgery.

Our approach to pre and post-surgical care is rooted in evidence-based practices and individualized treatment plans. We work closely with your surgical team to ensure a seamless transition from preparation to recovery. Our goal is to minimize pain, enhance healing, and improve your overall quality of life.

No matter the type of surgery you’re facing, our team is here to provide the support and care you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey to a successful surgical experience and optimal recovery.


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